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We help companies, just like yours, win the hearts of your employees.

Despite implementing expensive programs to address compensation, remote work, perks, and benefits, Gallup reports that only 1 in 4 employees believe employers care about their wellbeing, the lowest point in ten years. Pressure is building on HR and Talent Acquisition teams to fill jobs while companies continue to lose millions of dollars in lost productivity and turnover costs. Most advertised solutions fall short because few can penetrate the needs of our psyche, which is far more instinctual and raw.

Start reducing turnover in a matter of days

Retain My Team is the ultimate platform to help hire top talent and improve employee retention quickly and dramatically without competing on pay. We get results by combining cutting-edge behavioral neuroscience (how the brain works) with the art of performance improvement (how people work). This scientifically proven approach has helped our clients achieve measurable results that translate to time and money.*

  • Hire up to 67% more 1st choice candidates

  • Reduce new hire 6-month turnover by up to 88%

  • Reduce overall turnover by up to 91%

  • Increase revenue

–Convert millions of dollars from reduced turnover into deployable capital

–Improve employee productivity

–Increase innovation

–Enhance team work

*Individual results may vary*

Effortlessly connect and engage your remote and on-site team in one tool

Our pioneering approach directly influences five universal drivers of human behavior that play out every day at work and at home. These are deep internal drivers that motivate employees more powerfully than external offerings such as salary and perks.

These five universal drivers are the things that employees truly care about and are responsible for the actual reasons that they disengage and quit. It is how people react to the presence or absence of things like:

* certainty* autonomy* inclusion * relationships with others* equality and fairness* feeling valued and appreciated

The good news is that you do not need a PhD in behavioral neuroscience to get results!

We have made it simple with one powerful yet easy-to-use digital tool. The elegant interface delivers the right remedy at the right time along the employee experience, wherever they work.

Our Guarantee

Our mission is to infuse more humanity into the workplace. Why? Because everyone wins. Employees are happier, more productive, and stay longer. Companies can recover thousands to millions with less turnover and higher productivity. We want you to share in this mission without hesitation, so if you use the tools as prescribed, we have a 200% money-back guarantee on your investment. Period.

People don't say what they really want from employers, they just quit. Stop the guesswork. We've done the thinking for you!

Discover and deliver what employees truly desire with scientifically proven, turnkey tools to ATTRACT & RETAIN staff.

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