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Every Employee Counts

Retain and optimize employees

from hire to retire

The Ultimate Employee Retention Platform


The Right Person for the Right Role

Win over the best candidates

Confidently place the right candidate faster and with less effort.

Ensure the candidate is a good fit for the role, beyond the resume, skills, and experience.

Reduce new hire turnover by up to 88%.


Lead with Purpose

The pocket coach for legendary leaders

Increase employee performance, innovation, and teamwork without sacrificing your style, authority, time, or energy.

Quickly access customized coaching for each team member to thrive and be their best.

Reduce turnover in days. Eliminate the "quiet quit".


Build a High Performance Culture

A customized action plan in 15 minutes

In 15 minutes, receive a talent strategy to strengthen your business strategy.

Improve productivity with high performance teams that get along, even during times of uncertainty and change.

Engage the best employees for the long haul.

Become a

CARES Workplace

We help companies, just like yours, win the hearts of your employees.

Despite expensive programs to address compensation, remote work, perks, and benefits, Gallup reports that only 1 in 4 employees believe employers care about their wellbeing, the lowest point in ten years.

Most advertised solutions fall short because few can penetrate the needs of our psyche, which are more instinctual and raw.

We remove the guesswork with easy to use tools to show that you care.

Get certified by your employees, not us!

Organizations from all industries turn to Master Performance Consultant, Ronda Robinson, with the new imperative – reduce employee turnover, improve productivity, and keep staff happy and engaged. (Oh, and please do it quickly without breaking the bank).

Ronda is a champion of people. Helping others learn and grow is in her DNA. In grade school, teachers asked her to welcome and mentor new students. She was a college tutor who made learning fun and easy with her humor, gourmet popcorn, and deep knowledge in science.

Now, she has demystified employee retention with an innovative blend of neuroscience (how the brain works), the art of performance improvement (how people work), and the convenience of an easy digital platform.

Ronda is a Certified Professional in Talent Development™ (CPTD), keynote speaker, author, and frequent podcast guest. Her expertise has been featured on NBC, CBS, Fox News, USA Today, Global Woman Magazine, London Business Magazine, and more.

Join Ronda on her mission to infuse more humanity into the workplace. Why? It is a business strategy in which everyone wins.

What People Say About Retain My Team™

Clients and luminaries alike say that this approach converts millions of dollars in employee turnover cost into re-deployable capital and is a catalyst to become a “great place to work”.

We hired faster, and improved our 6-month new hire retention by 88%.

Patrick Cerceau

Owner, laundromat franchise


After a corporate merger we reduced turnover by 91%. The investment was ridiculously small compared to the millions of dollars saved.

Kate Kerrigan

CHRO, pharmaceutical company


We got our senior leaders reengaged and our expansion project back on track, saving millions of dollars.

Rebecca Holloway

HR VP, healthcare company


All leaders need this superpower, now available at your fingertips.

Karla Evans

COO, healthcare


Along with her proven track record of success, Ronda brings unmatched passion and commitment to the table.

Jay Seemann

Executive, medical diagnostics


Finally! A practical, actionable way to implement empathy in the workplace. Sure to make a significant impact!

Steve Woodruff

Author of Clarity Wins


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